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          With hundreds of actuarial students studying in our exam forums at any given time, you can always find someone to study with.Work together with our community to pass your next exam, and then share your study notes at the top of each exam forum.Whether you're just starting out with Exam P, or working your way through the Fellowship Modules, there are thousands of questions, answers & notes to help you through the process.

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          This is our most active forum where the latest industry news is discussed. Register and join the conversation, or lurk from the sidelines.

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          Search our open jobs for actuaries by discipline or post a job in the Casualty, Life, Health, Pension, andNon-Traditional job forums.

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          See which classmates and alumni went to your school, or message Tom to have your college added to the list.

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          This is our most popular forum, because believe it or not, actuaries do a lot of non-actuarial stuff that's worth discussing.


          Whether you're playing internet chess, bridge, or making up your own game, this is the forum where actuaries come to play.

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          More than 300K actuarial discussion topics. See More

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          What Our Members Say?

          Customer Testimonails

          See you all in Hawaii!!!! Got a 6, I fully believe that having a study buddy, as well as Battle Acts and it's suggested exam approached pushed me into the passing range. Looking forward to meeting my fellows on Actuarial Outpost!

          CAScatNew FCAS
          Customer Testimonails

          I've always wanted to be part of a party.

          Vorian AtreidesMember Since 2011
          Customer Testimonails

          Passed with an 8! I honestly thought I was borderline a while after the exam. It's finally nice to be done with this one. Congrats to all the passers! For anyone taking it again, you've definitely got it in the bag next time.. this one definitely can take 2 attempts.

          Swanson_RonNew FCAS

          Helpful Discussions for New Members


          Official AO/RF FAQ for Noobies and Oldies Alike

          You’re new. WELCOME! There are folks who live here who have been around a long time, and have very strong opinions. Mainly, we don’t bite...


          Here's Some Entry-Level Actuary Advice

          I did this basically because after many searches, I found that by browsing I came across a lot of relevant stuff I'd missed.


          Here's Some Career Changer Advice

          Placeholder for the advice to we give to the FAQs of the once-a-month posters. If someone with authority deems it so worthy, I'd like this thread to be made "sticky."


          Caption This: New Pictures Every Day

          How about trying our hand at writing captions? I (or someone else) will post a picture. You supply the caption.